You’ve heard the word ‘leech’? Animals that include the type of worm is very ridiculous and disgusted. Hearing his name made nausea and fear. For memegangpun highly unlikely because the odds of that happening your blood sucked. Leech is a worm-like animals that suck the blood, these animals can be found easily during the rainy season or in humid areas such as tropical rain forests, swamps, fields or other damp places.

Leeches have been known since hundreds of years ago as one of the animals that are useful as an alternative therapy of some diseases particularly those associated with blood circulation. Lintahpun therapy process is very simple, just stick a leech on acupuncture points according to the patient’s illness, then automatically be dirty blood sucking leech patient. Leeches have round-shaped appliance at both ends of the body whose function is to suck blood. Size used also varied, especially for beauty usually use small leeches and affixed to the face. For serious illnesses such as diabetes, lung, liver normally use a large leech. But the big leeches may not be used on the skin for a big leech bite will be difficult to fade. Once a leech suck can accommodate 15 to 20 ml of blood. Lintahnya type was not in vain. For leech therapy usually use this type of leech Hirudo medicinalis, commonly called lintrah.